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  • Hello,
    Thanks for your consideration..
    I have setup wp 25 on my localhost server (offline wamp). I have got everything running and learning how to use the dash. However, I’m really having trouble understanding the left and right hand sides of my theme where the different categories are suppose to show up..The theme is rated for 2.5 but when I start a new cat.. it fails to show up on the page, even after refreshing .I have tried the parent child thing but to no acail, or else I’m not understanding the doc’s..I viewed the source of the page and the main “category” heading box displays, but not what I had made to be a new cat.. I had made a new category named abc and it was placed into the “Category” box..Then I tried to child another category under that one and NADA..I’m totally confused with this. I doesn’t follow traditional programmung logic or there is something wrong with my install. I checked the php tabled and they seem to be populated. However the field name are not friendly to me and I don’t see the newly made cat name abc where i would expect it to be..
    Basically. I wanted to build my own link box and place links named into the box..I thought that the new theme I installed would be editable in wordpress but perhaps I’m wrong.. I think this whole thing is great but I’m having trouble understanding the beast.
    If you would be so kind I would greatly appreciate a bit a teacher student here..
    Thanks so much in advance..Tribune

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  • You have to have at least one post in the category before it will show up.

    I’m not sure I understand this posting sequence you refer too. I thought that my first post would have done it..Sorry very new to this..


    LenK is not referring to any “posting sequence”. He simply said: empty categories do NOT show up in your sidebar. Period. Make a post in your new categories and they will show up.

    I don’t know what is what you called “link box”.

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