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  • There are so many things that wordpress lags and joomla has it, namely the millions of extensions be it paid or free, so many templates, and easy editing all you need to do is define the area where you want to place the module and you are done. WordPress requires you to have extensive php knowledge.

    The second thing what I found complex was the forum system, i think it would be better if it were based on vbulltien or something like phpbb this look makes it complex and hard for user to find the stuff he is looking for i am sure people will look over this matter and sure the wordpress ratings will go rocket though they are already high 🙂

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  • savagepriest,

    You do not really require extensive PHP knowledge with the use of widgets, you can simply customize what you want in your sidebar with them. Also, they do provide some options.

    When I attempt to update data on our site, I expected to be able to use the same name for the file and be given the option of replacing the existing of the same fileor not. Your software automatically adds it as a version of the file. Not good for me.
    So I attempted to delete the old data file and then re-add the updated data with the same name. The software says th eold file is deleted and that the new file is added at the new time, but the system displays old data that should have been deleted. This file is referenced via a hyperlink on a page.
    How do I go about updateing data like this. I must do it every day. It was never a problem in FrontPage :).

    Thing is Joomla and WordPress are two different platforms. WP always had the ambition to be the top blogging platform and it is.

    If the widget is well written, you don’t need any PHP knowledge at all. All depends how much time the developer put into making a friendly administration part.

    Stop comparing a CMS to a blogging system please. The fact you can use WordPress as a CMS doesn’t mean it *must have* same or better Joomla features.

    If you used WP even only one year ago, you can notice the BIG improvement developers did to make it user friendly, even for whom dont know anything about php and mysql. Widgets are AWESOME. Just drag, done.
    Also stuff like contact forms don’t require anything that involves code, it’s easy.

    And about forums, you know. This is actually bbPress, a downloadable product from WP guys. And some people actually DO LIKE it.
    We’re just too used to scripts like phpBB or vBulletin that make the mass not always like brand new concepts like this :p

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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