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  • I am a novice to WordPress -this qualifies me to make an early observation:

    WordPress is great but
    Already I notice a culture of user-blocks.

    I hope WP contact me. I have lots of ideas to fix this wonderful program.

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  • esmi


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    Please post your feedback in the Requests And Feedback forum.

    I will post my feedback Esmi.

    After wasting days on related video posting issues, this is what I wrote to a Plug-in author today.

    Am I missing something! Like a User Manual? Or are users expected to chase the author.
    By the way, I find WP in general, un-necessarily difficult to learn.
    EG: I believe my problem posting the News videos [DemocracyNow! and PBS NewsHour] was because I was trying to post two videos in one Post (I guess). I separated them into two Posts and copied and pasted the embed code in the HTML window – Now they both work!!
    But why is such a basic limitation not easily found or jumping up for the user somehow?

    is the ‘user manual’

    remember, WordPress is all volunteer-driven platform. As it grows, it’s up to people (like you and me) to update the codex. Anyone can edit it. But many many features have been added to WordPress over the years. And sometimes documentation doesn’t get made. People mean to do it and don’t get to it, etc. There are books out there and stuff you can order if you need to.

    As for plugins, its up to each plugin author to write documentation. And even for themes…. they all function differently, and its up to the authors to write documentation if they feel it is necessary.

    I don’t want to criticise your opinion on this, but i must say that WordPress is one of the most user-friendly CMS/Blog/Whatever you want it to be.

    In case of doubt go see Joomla’s admin panel for example 😉

    Thank you for your reply Rev. Voodoo + Tiago. I will investigate codex more as I go. I like your idea of getting a book on WordPress.

    There are many tutorials online you can view aswell 🙂

    I can link you some if u want 😉

    Tiago150: Thank you, maybe you can send a couple of links so I can find my way.

    By the way,one thing/ I dont know if it can be done or if it is too advanced for me but:
    I use Graphene theme – I wanted to change where and how the post DATE shows (i’d like plain text under the Head. Maybe I should contact the author?
    here’s some of the available books

    a link to your site would show us how your current date is formatted. But basically the date is displayed using some simple code like <?php the_time('d M'); ?> which can be edited, moved around, etc.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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