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  • I’m moving my site to a new host.
    There are no working tools to do a clean and easy job, and WP is at 3.31 version and is the most used blog/cms engine used on the net.

    For now the best way to move a site I have tried is this one.
    HAVE a temp domain free and compatible.
    Export stuff and copy file with FTP tool.
    Delete images folders (or import will duplicate image files and make a huge mess).
    Run Import and force it to download attachments (if you copy the files they will not go on the media library but the post will display them). The download will need a live domain so if you are moving a domain you have to use a third site, the new domain will be live when the old one will be dead so the procedure will not work. Nice tool.
    Export and import MySQL database. Not working, one provider has a custom sql admin.
    I entered the various customization of the core and themes by hand.
    Now I’m waiting for the DNS to have my new site and I really hope that the SQL import/export with the standard tool on the same provider will work.

    There has to be a simpler and standard way to change provider with WP.

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  • You’re way over working yourself in your migrations. The first thing I would suggest is that you start using a version control tool such as git or svn. Only commit the wp-content directory into your version control then the following process will get you there:

    1. Upload a fresh copy of WordPress to your new host
    2. delete the contents of the wp-content directory
    3. Check out the wp-content directory from your version control system.
    4. Dump your database from your old host
    5. Import your database on your new host
    6. Setup your wp-config file
    7. Follow
    8. Write the real import/export tool that will shorten this list to 2/3 steps…

    Still… you’re right, we need a real import/export tool.

    Using another domain to test the procedure just made impossible to import/export the sql data dump.

    I just used import/export and fixed all the images that did not made it.

    Please, instead of adding useless stuff like theme previews on the new WP versions


    If the provider use the standard phpadmin and the doain do not change moving the sql data can solve the situation but if something will go wrong or there are incompatible system the standard import/export tool is the only thing avail.

    I really cannot understand why nobody is asking for it, no one change host? blog just get thrown away? people that do not know what is PHP edit sql backup when moving?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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