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    I’ve just finished converting my wife’s free music site to use a hacked up version of WordPress 1.2 so she can show off her music and samples. The posting page has been modified to allow up to five files to be attached, and once blogged they are automatically converted to low quality and both file links are shown after the main body.
    For the very curious, the file info is all held in meta-data entries, with the auto-generated content only being added once the file is available. MP3 and FLAC file info have been added thanks to a great PHP module and the downsampling is done with LAME.


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  • hmm …when i scroll and then mouseover a link, the entire post disappears. Scroll down some and then back up and the post has reappeared …until you mouseover again.
    IE 6 on winXP ..just an fyi

    Hmm odd. Tested ok on Moz and Safari (nice to know about Opera !) but the links have a dynamic text-after element that appends … to a link. Perhaps the fact that the size of the object changes after the page has been rendered causes problems.
    Thanks for the heads up tho: just don’t use IE around here 🙂


    yeah, the links expand nicely in opera. and i dont plan to open IE to test a site in it :D.

    i notice quite a lot of anti-IE-ism .. and while admit that Mozilla/FF are indeed better browsers, it doesnt change the fact that IE still has an iron fist on a large demographic of desktops.
    *personal opinion* is that one should design a site ACCESSABLE to all platforms, regardless of your personal opinion to M$ and others. (granted, within reason .. no sense adding hack after hack for out of date VERSIONS)
    the whole point is to get your ideas , information, and website read and re-read … and the only way you can do that is if you make it compatible with a large demographic of people.
    i’m not picking on you specifically, i just notice a lot of ‘eh ..screw the M$ browser, i dont like it anyways’ attitude around here. it’s a reverse snobbery towards people who may have no idea other browsers even exist … and so they should be punished? just doesn’t seem logical. i just finished ‘designing with webstandards’ by zeldman, a great read that tackles this very subject and provides some great information on how to go about it all — i definitely recommend it.
    after all that … i did want to say the site is quite nice!

    MaxT: Aha – thanks for that ! It doesn’t manifest in Safari, but it does in Mozilla and I was scratching my head about what was wrong – the original file format is very good for optimising the number bytes downloaded, but pants to read. The theme was one of the competition submissions from Alex King’s site and so I have merely hacked stuff on top, which is never the best way to approach CSS anyway.
    Xircom: I think it’s possibly just a case of getting fed up with the pro_IE stance of too many sites built by designers who probably haven’t read Zeldman (or the like), but for me it’s a bit more than that: I can’t run IE apart from Mac 5.5, which once you’ve seen what it does to CSS you’d avoid like the plague too 🙂 It works in more cases than PC IE 5, but breaks in different ways to both PC IE 5 or 6 and that’s before Mozilla or Safari/KHTML get mixed in too.
    FWIW, I do test any site I have a chance of changing in lynx/links/w3m as well as Safari and Moz, but that only really makes sure that the semantic markup is good and logical as only two of those five render anything prettily.
    Thanks to everyone for the feedback – it’s far nicer to be noticed than ignored, and getting pleasant (& helpful) feedback is even better !


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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