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  • Hello, I am trying to run WordPress multisite instalation on free hosting using different subdomains for different webs within the WordPress multisite web network.

    In order enabling this setup properly I need to setup the DNS. On my domain provider side I configured everything correctly (CNAME “*” pointed to “”), but now I need to setup the DNS/domain linking on 000webhost side.

    The trouble is that at I can set just one subdomain for my 000webhost website.

    Desired state:,,, (or even * all linked to

    Current state:
    only one subdomain can be set, another subdomain replaces the previous one

    Is there any change (htaccess, WordPress plugin) how to switch the setup of the DNS from the hosting provider to WordPress configuration?

    Do you know any free hosting supporting WordPress multisite using subdomain and providing unlimited (or at least 5) subdomain options?

    Thank you

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