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  1. emaemarketer
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi, I've installed wordpress multisite and set DNS.
    In this moment I have a domain like http://www.site.com that points to a subfolder of my wordpress network like http://www.network.com/site1/.

    My problem is: when I write a post in http://www.network.com/site1/, the URL of the article is not http://www.site.com/articleone.html but http://www.network.com/site1/articleone/.

    Why? A strange fact is that the section "domain mapping" in administration/tools is NOT visibile (but it's visible normally in the section SUPERADMIN).

  2. the domain mapping - tools menu will be visible under the http://www.network.com/site1/ dashboard. It is NEVER visible on the main site becasue you can't map the main site.

    If you're not getting the mapped url on the second site, then you didn't check the right boxes, like "make primary".

  3. emaemarketer
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thank you Andrea, you're right.
    But among the 3 websites of the network I have in subfolders, all 3 set with dns, I find the "domain mapping tools menu" in just one subfolder web site, the oldest i set with dns.
    for example

    http://www.siteone.it points correctly to http://www.network.com/siteone
    http://www.sitetwo.it points correctly to http://www.network.com/sitetwo
    http://www.sitethree.it points correctly to http://www.network.com/sitethree

    but in site one there is the domain mapping tools menu (with the box "make primary"), in site 2 and 3 there isn't (only the sections: tools, import, export, delete, network)

    Does the "domain mapping tools menu" take time to compare?

  4. Does the "domain mapping tools menu" take time to compare?

    Yes, actually. it does.

    Did you install it correctly?

    It shoudl be in the mu-plugins folder, NOT the regualr plugins folder. and NOT just activated on one blog.

    Go to site 3. look at the plugins list/ does it say the domain mapping plugin is activated?

  5. emaemarketer
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Andrea, thank you very much, it was easier than I thought.

    In site 3. the domain mapping plugin wasn't activated!

    Now I have set the primary domain as http://www.sitethree.it.

    A question: to have the same content in two different URL, could be content duplication for Google?

    Now I have the same article at
    http://www.sitethree.com/category/articleone.html and

    Should I use tag canonical, what else, or there's no problem?
    thank you for the support.

  6. Google only msack duplicate content if it's on the same domain. Not different ones (which is why spammers scrape content).

    Activate the plugin network wide or put it in the mu-plugins folder as the instructions state, please.

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