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    We’re using multisite and pages/posts will not paste from word using the paste from word tool. I’ve tried everything imaginable, disabled theme (no plugins or network plugins enabled) We’ve tried paste in the editor, paste within plain test, paste within paste from word. We’ve created a new site (which works) then copied the content from this post page into the original site. Nothing works at all. Has anyone else had this issues, and if so, found a solution?


    ‘Paste from word’ tool does not work
    ‘Paste as plain text’ tool does not work
    Using the aforementioned tools works when creating a new site; however, it does not work in the original site if you copy and paste from the new site to the original site(hopefully that makes sense)
    no network activated plugins are enabled
    no local plugins enabled
    What it’s doing: the content pasted into the editor, once you hit Publish, Update, or Save Draft – any action to save- the content all vanishes.

    Making a whole new site is a solution, but it’s not really an answer to the problem I’m facing so while i realize that’s a bandaid I’d like to resolve this issue properly.

    Thanks to anyone who may have any insight!

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    Don’t paste content from Microsoft Word into WordPress as the pasted text will also contain Word’s own formatting. Sooner or later, this formatting will stop your pages from being displayed correctly (if at all) in Internet Explorer. If you cannot possibly manage without Word, paste your text into NotePad (or another text editor) first, then copy from NotePad into WordPress. Or use Windows LiveWriter or another local blogging tool

    @esmi, yeah i know all that and tried all that. However with our workflow (getting content that’s in a print publication we create and posting it online) there’s no way around word – and isn’t that the point of the ‘paste from word’ tool? To strip the characters that interfere with wordpress so you avoid said problems? Thanks for your insights though!

    Anyways, we resolved the issue. turns out changing the page encoding was the problem. We had changed from the default of UTF-8 to ISO- … to match our database (not the db for WP, but for some other content). Only thing this broke was the paste tools. Following the data as it passed through the core files we saw it add some odd encoding nonsense right before populating the db for wordpress (which is UTF-8). Reverted back to UTF-8 Friday afternoon and today i’ll right a PHP filter to correct character issues from the other databse or see if i can change the table’s encoding without breaking anything.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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