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  1. elvis86
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi guys, I want to install wordpress multisite in local with sub-domain.
    I have tried with localhost, but it isn't correct for sub-domain (but only sub-category).

    Can you explain me all the steps I must follow for a right installation?


  2. Sub-domain on localhost is tricky because while localhost resolves to, site1.localhost, site2.localhost, etc. don't exist and will not resolve.

    Follow the installation instructions for installing domain based (sub domainss) multisite installation, create your sites first, and give this a read on generating the etc/hosts file entries needed for it to work.


  3. elvis86
    Posted 4 years ago #

    ok, thanks bro

    what structure do you recommend me? sub-domain and sub-category work the same way? there are differents for inclusion in search engines, future expansion of the site, ecc?

    p.s.: sorry for my english, i'm italian :-D

  4. Not sure what you mean with sub-category...

    With Multisite in domain mode, it's like having many blogs but with one set of software only different hostnames, look, posts, etc.


    With multisite in sub-directory mode, then each site starts with a different directory, while sharing the same host name,


    Just as it is with a domain setup, each /siteN looks and feels like a separate installation. Also siteN is just an example, you can use any name you want. ;)

    If by sub-category you mean, directories, it's up to you. I use the domain model myself.

    p.s.: sorry for my english, i'm italian :-D

    Don't worry about it. I'm sorry for my English but I claim to be an example of the U.S. Education system... ;D

  5. elvis86
    Posted 4 years ago #

    yes, i mean directory sorry.

    I explain you my project: I want to do a multisite with a main page as a magazine (with a personal theme). Other sections will be: a photo and video gallery where the users can comment them, vote for theme, ecc (with a personal theme); a blog (with a personal theme); a forum; a contact page; a registration page.

    Single registration valid for all sections.
    3 different themes to be applied.

    So, what structure you recommend me?

    I know the differeces like: site1.domain.com site2.domain.com for subdomain structure and domain.com/site1, ..... for subdirectory structure.
    But there are differences about inclusion in search engines like google, more visibility, future expansion of the site (so other sections to add in future)?


  6. I'm not sure which one is better for search engines.

    I would think that a subdirectory would be a better solution as all the sites in your network would be via one server URL but that's a guess on my part. Sub domain installations really do look likes separate installations.

  7. elvis86
    Posted 4 years ago #

    ok thanks very much ;-)

  8. As of Panda (i.e. now) there's no SEO diff between subdomain and subfolder, if Google can detect it's all one site.

    I'm a little confused as to how it detects that, but basically it 'knows' that foo.livejournal.com is a separate site, but code.ipstenu.org is really not.

  9. Carlo Rizzante
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello all, and excuse me the intrusion, I got curious about the last comment, as Panda can spot if a parked domain is in fact part of a network. Does that mean that if you host your clients' websites, Google merges both sites statistic, rank, and such? Thanks in advance and sorry for the OT.

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