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  • Hi, I have create a site in subfolder,

    after i have move the SiteURL on the root (i normally prefere this configuration in casi i need to install another service in the same site…)

    Only after it i have allow multisite function, using subfolder (primary site on the root)

    when i use the network function, into form actions i don’t see the subfolder when the file are installed, so the form does not run

    averyone can help me?

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    I’m not understanding how your server architecture is configured. “Site” is ambiguous. Network “site” or WP installation “site”? Let’s call network sites “blogs” (even if there is no blogging function used) and installation sites “installations”.

    You have a WP installation in a subfolder? What is in root? The subfolder installation is multisite? If so, it must be subfolder style and not subdomain style. You cannot have a server subfolder name be used as a network blog’s subfolder name. The blog will be inaccessible.

    If a form’s action URL includes the blog’s subfolder name, it doesn’t matter if there are no files there since there can be no actual server subfolder with that name. When the form is submitted, the server will find no such folder and turn over processing to WP, where ever it may be. WP will know it’s for a blog’s form and process it accordingly.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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