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  • I created a wordpress multi-site for a network of websites. I never renewed the domain for the network so now can’t access the settings for the network to make changes to the network.

    I want remove a number of themes/plugins and old websites.

    Any suggestions for this very silly mistake?

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    You can remove unwanted themes and plugins via your hosting account’s file manager. Simply delete the related folders and files within in /wp-content/. WP will update its related settings on its own.

    If your host is still configured to respond to that domain, you can define your former domain in your local computer’s hosts file and point to your host IP address there. This will override any DNS A records found elsewhere. You need to restart your computer after making hosts file changes. This will allow you to access your site, though this will not help anyone else.

    If your host no longer responds to that domain, you’ll need either your host’s temporary domain for your site or some other domain you control to lead to your site. This alone will not get you in because your WP is still configured for your old domain. You also need to directly update the “home” and “siteurl” options in your WP DB to reflect a usable domain name. This can be done through the phpMyAdmin app, usually accessed through your hosting account. It’s always a good idea to export any tables involved before making changes to them. If you’re very careful to only alter those two options you really can’t make things much worse though šŸ™‚

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