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  • I’m (hopefully) in the process of getting ready to install wordpress MU on my political website( I want to give the many grassroots supporters a place to show their support for their 2008 candidate, and while I would love to give them the ability to do that, I am getting a “large enough” amount of racist comments and completely unacceptable comments on the interactive pages that I have to moderate that’s happening more and more frequently.

    I was originally thinking I should let them have their own subdomain, but after thinking about, I would actually like to have everyones blogs under the
    path… so an example blog would be instead of subdomains. Does part of the MU setup let me choose whether they use subdomains or just a folder on the main domain?

    Since I get so many questionable people on my site, is there a way to add “rel=nofollow” to all the blog posts, blogrolls, links, and any MU links? Would this be editing the themes, or is this some internal server issue… with .htaccess, etc? I hate to do this, but I can’t moderate everything that gets brought up. Politics is a sticky topic and the last thing I want is some immature person abusing the site. It’s only going to get more time consuming as the elections get closer.

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  • Yes you can choose to use folders instead of subdomains. I don’t know the link name, but it’s accessible from the dashboard. There is a sub-menu below the main top navigation that has all of the settings on one page. I think that’s where you select subdomains or folders.

    To nofollow all links, you’ll have to modify the theme files.

    But the fine fellows at the WordPress MU Forums will be able to offer much more accurate help:

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