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    Hi all,

    I have a WordPress MU with sub-domains installed and configured on Nginx. Currently there are 4 sub-domains. I need www before each subdomain. I have mentioned directly as the sitename, But there is only one that isnt working with www.

    Can anyone tell me what must be causing this problem?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • Having www before a subdomain isn’t normal…

    You’ll have to set up aliases on your server for ServerAlias and probably check with your host if SUB subdomains are even allowed.

    @ipstenu, yeah I know that sub-domains should not have ‘www’ but actually this is what a client of mine is demanding 🙂

    Also, sub-domains are allowed by the host. Will give a try setting up the ServerAlias and check.

    Any other help would really be appreciated though.

    Sub-SUB-domains are not the same as subdomains.

    That is, most hosts allow

    Not all allow

    And that’s really what you’re doing.

    Oh. Got it. But I have 4 sites and 3 of them are working fine. I have this issue with only one site.

    I have just named the URL with www.. Hence this is not a part of a sub-SUB-domain, but a sub-domain.

    1) Sub-domain: http://www.subdomain
    2) Domain: example
    3) TLD: com

    Hence it becomes

    Check with your host.

    I know you’re setting the subdomain to www[DOT]sub BUT that only works if your host set up the server to handle that. See it KNOWS that . between www and sub means “Another subdomain!” so you have to be sure.

    @ipstenu Thanks for all your help. The issue is solved. The DNS from the host panel needed to be configured


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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