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  • Hello, i have my blog i just liked to start there something but i got stuck again in the dilemma that the WP Blog is running, but i can get the Main Blog only on and NOT on as i would like to have.

    Where can i change that? I tried to install WP by using that path from the beginning, but when it comes to enabling WPMU it tells me that i should install The Blog on http://domain.tld/ where i could run it also with www.
    But where to make the setup for that?

    I tried to make the install by following all instructions of the Codex, but even there i can’t find an answer.
    What i didn’t tried now was to install it on http://www.domain.tld/ and when it tells me to change it to the http://domain.tld/ that i just make the change in the wp-config, maybe that was what the install means. I will see, but thats already the fifth try out and i don’t come any closer to fix it.


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  • As i said i have tried it now again. The Blogs runs fine on www. but now the http://domain.tld/ isn’t available anymore, to much redirections. Seems like the MU Blogs tries to create a new user or something like that.

    All the time when in used a NORMAL WP, i could install in on www. or not and depend on what i took, i got a redirtection for the other one. Could i get that with a WP MU blog also?

    Or do i oversee here something?

    Regards and Thanks

    What you should do, BEFORE you enable MultiSite, is go to Settings -> General and make your site address and blog address as

    Verify that works for both and

    THEN turn on MultiSite.



    Hello Ipstenu,
    i have done it now the way you have said. But isn’t it now the way, that the site is always without www?

    I get always redirected to, even if i type

    That is where i ended up always and i begin to think that my wish isn’t possible to solve the way i liked it; the Domain is always WITH www. to open/redirected. Correct?

    The only way now would be creating a www Subdomain in WP, use a special theme and make a static website out of this theme and using it for the site AND, so that both sites show up the same content.


    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    You can’t make a subdomain as www. It’s not permitted by the software.

    Go look in your database and see if your main site is saved as or www,domain,com

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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