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  • I thought I’d ask this here to tap into the amazing wisdom of the WordPress community: WordPress MU, which do you like better for hosting, mediatemple or hostgator?

    I’m building a site for multiple agents to each have their own insurance site and would like to control plugins and some of the main content universally, but edit each individual site’s colors and specific contact info about the agent. Figured MU would be a good choice, what is everyone else’s experience?

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  • i personally like hostgator no problem what so ever. also they customer care is lot better then most of the other players in the market.

    I use and love HostGator for my clients, but one client is already set up on MediaTemple and willing to switch, I just want to make sure it’s necessary.

    I agree though, I HostGator support is fantastic.

    The only problems I have had with Hostgator is that I needed to ask for every domain to be whitelisted to use the timthumb image resizer script.

    I might also add that the last time I wanted to install WP manually I had problems which they told me WP HAD to be installed using fantastico and could not be installed manually.
    I found this strange?
    They don’t have WP MU with fantastico as far as I know(?), I wonder if this would be a problem for you to install there?

    Hmm, that’s interesting about Fantastico. I’ve never seen the option for MU in Fantastico, but I did see this video on YouTube of a guy installing WPMU on HostGator: and he’s installing it manually.

    Thanks for passing the link. I have never used MU but I hope to soon. I mainly wanted to point out the situation I came across in case it was relevant to your Mu install.

    Thanks for the link.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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