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  • Resolved aburrow


    I’ve installed version 3.9.5 on a WordPress MS. I’ve tried both enabling as a network plugin and just enabling as a specific site plugin.

    The “username” field is always displayed even though I’ve selected the option to use the users email address as the username.

    The user is also being activated as soon as they verify their email address instead of waiting for the site admin to approve.

    What’s the recommended method to install the plugin so that.

    1. New users can request registration on a particular site (entering extra info.).
    2. Admin approval is required before they can access the site.
    3. The users email address is used as their username.

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  • Plugin Author radiok


    I am reviewing your support request, I am in the process of recreating some of your bugs. I am especially surprised by the username field always appearing. There is a flaw in the logic around when should the user verification email go out which I think will require a setting. It is expected that it goes out when the user registers, but, that with admin verification they can’t do anything even if they do confirm their email address. In hindsight that seems illogical, why send them a message if they can’t do anything regardless. So like I said I will continue reviewing and get back here shortly.

    Plugin Author radiok


    OK, unfortunately, I cannot recreate your issue with the username always being displayed. If you can send me a link to your site I would like to see that in action. As for the order of verification, I am building a new priority feature. Although I think the default should be admin, then email, I don’t want to disturb existing behavior. Regardless, I have in the next version enabled Multisite admins to disable email verification altogether, if that appeals to you.

    OK, I’ve downloaded and installed the latest 3.9.7 version.

    My primary site is Scouts, however I’m trying to setup the plugin to work with a subsite MyScouts

    Clicking register takes you to I don’t think this is correct as the sign-up should be for the myscout site? This is the link that show username.

    Plugin Author radiok


    I don’t believe sites get individual signup pages, I think there is one “master” signup. I could be wrong, but I’m not a Multisite expert. With Redux disabled, does the MyScouts site direct anywhere different?

    Plugin Author radiok


    aburrow, I have create a multisite and subsite on my development server. Unfortunately, there is only one signup page per network, as is. Now, this whole experiment has me thinking many different things, but they all future enhancements. As-is, I believe I may move Register Plus Redux’s settings to the Network Admin Dashboard since changes affect the entire network.

    In my research I stumbled across Multisite User Registration Manager.

    Multisite User Registration Manager doesn’t seem well known, but may be just what you need, give that a look and update me with your thoughts.

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