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  • Hi, I tried to move from one domain name to another using WordPress Move. Now I cant log into either wordpress accounts. Any ideas how I can fix this.

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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    If you have a database and file backup, can you just put it all back…?

    And if you don’t have a backup 🙂 what are you getting when you visit your WordPress URL? A white page, error messages, or just no CSS styling?

    Hi Jan, I have the people who supply our VPS looking into our backup situation. But I am unable to even log into wordpress from my old login. I used to log in with but now that directs to Which has nothing on it. Our old site has been wrecked by a bad plugin.

    I would have hoped that wordpress would have some level of support, this “blog” support is ridiculous. Our entire site is down because some fool made a bad plugin LOL

    Please see my next post.

    I can gladly help you, but you are being disrespectful just because you were not aware of what you were doing. The plugin has no problems whatsoever, and your issue is not actually a problem. You just need to point to the server that is pointing to. is pointing to the server that is pointing too. This has just been confirmed by our VPS hosts. However I can no longer log into and has nothing in it. I have a dead site and need to broadcast our TV show in a few hours. I am understandably annoyed. And for WP to have no support at all is ridiculous!

    Then, the only thing you should do is to transfer all the files under the directory assigned for on your VPS to the directory assigned for

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    If you or the VPS host provider can restore your database and files to the state they were prior to you implementing the WordPress Move plugin, then you can start over again.

    If they or you cannot do that then you’ll need to locate your database and correct your settings for your wp-config.php file.

    I am understandably annoyed. And for WP to have no support at all is ridiculous!

    Really? You do know that this is a volunteer support forum staffed by unpaid people doing this on their own time out of the goodness of their hearts, right? This is a self-help forum and us volunteers help you get out of the hole you put yourself in.

    I’m not being harsh here when I say this: You are responsible for your WordPress installation and no one else is. Your failure to have adequate backups and being able to restore is your own self-made problem.

    See the disclaimer on the plugin page:

    Disclaimer: Even though this plugin is heavily tested, please use it at your own risk and do not forget to back up your files beforehand.

    If you require urgent assistance then consider actually hiring someone.

    First of all, thank you Jan!

    There is actually no need for reverting everything back. He clearly did not read the documentation and was not aware of what he was doing. I don’t blame him though, calling the developer “fool” or telling a plugin is “bad” is a lot easier than reading a page-long documentation.

    As I said, he just needs to transfer all the files on to That’s all!

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Ah, gotcha. Original site intact, this is for creating a duplicate. No need to modify wp-config.php just follow the plugin instructions.

    Too bad I don’t use that plugin, I prefer to do it the old fashioned way myself. 😉

    Hi Mert

    Just discovered your plugin and wanted to try it out. A question though: where is the documentation you were referring to, unless you meant single-page FAQ?

    In my case I am migrating a site to a different server AND different domain. I take it that I need to install Move on both current (call it the ‘old’) site and the new server? Can I confirm that I should initiate the migration from the old site (not very clear from the FAQ) before I start? By the way the main reason I am looking into using a plugin for migration is to preserve my Media Library since I have quite a few images and pdf files. Do you know if your plugin can help preserving the links?



    The documentation comes with the plugin, under the directory named docs.

    Yes, you should install WordPress Move on both ends, then start the migration on the old one and finally complete the migration on the new one. What you are trying to do can be completely achieved using WordPress Move.

    OK, thanks for that. It’s quite clear now!


    By the way, is there some form of progress indicator? For example, in my case, the Migration Assistant page remains blank after I submitted the form to migrate my site to an external server (with a change of domain name too). What is the name of the back up file I can expect at the remote server?

    If the page stays blank for a long time, then there is either a problem with establishing a connection with the remote server or creating backup files.

    Just realised that I might not have been very clear, when I said “page stays blank”, I actually didn’t meant that the whole browser window was not showing anything. The usual sidebar (with its options) in WordPress admin panel was visible, but no text followed after the heading “Migration Assistant”. There was no text indicating the status of the operation, e.g. “Creating databas backup”, etc. By the way, there were problems creating backup files because all I can see in the backup older is an SQL file of zero length. Is there a log of error messages?

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