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  • Hi,

    Since when is it OK for moderators to make broad insults then edit the replies to remove any sort of a retort directed at themselves?

    They can then remove your highly-informative and useful reply completely, regardless of the fact that it contained no offensive words whatsoever? Last time I checked calling someone’s actions “child-like” when they’ve insulted everyone else in the thread for no apparent reason was perfectly acceptable behavior.

    This is the thread in question:

    Admins please get this issue sorted, I’d hate to think Moderators are allowed to do and say exactly as they please . They’re supposed to help users, not insult them.

    I have screenshots and dumped HTML files of the whole thread, in case of any discrepancies.

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  • Post released from askimet. It got classified as spam because of all the links you posted in it. As soon as you acknowledge this post this topic will be deleted, as it was misunderstanding of the forum system not the fault of the moderators here.

    The post was however edited to remove my comment directed toward Moshu. This was my main issue.

    Moshu hadn’t replied to that topic in 3 months.

    Regardless, I was not impressed with his comment stating that he hoped WordPress developers don’t address the issue noted in that thread simply because a small group of users are passionate about it. He used the word stubborn, and implied our needs were less important than others’. Not appropriate behavior for a moderator in my opinion.

    I called his comment “child-like” and my reply was edited by a moderator removing the entire sentence directed toward Moshu. I am unsure as to why, “child-like” is far from profanity and in that instance, rather apt.

    It’s not a particularly big deal, I would just like an explanation for the double standards.

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