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  • Hiyas. I’m running WordPress 1.2.2 and I just installed WP Mobile Edition. It’s working but when I hit my page ( the apostrophe’s show up as ’

    I’ve got a Samsung A680 phone with SprintPCS running Samsung’s MIC 1.1.4 browser.

    Great idea for a plugin – was just trying to see my blog on my phone…

    Would love to use this on my blog but I’m using a 1.5 nightly…I assume it won’t work yet?

    It might work – test and let us know. 🙂

    There are a few bug fixes in the plugin repository that aren’t in the download.

    I pulled the files out of the repository and they sadly didn’t fix the apostrophe issue I’ve been having. I’ll try and look at the code more at work tonight should I have time.

    It shows that ’ in your mobile browser or your regular browser? If it shows right in your normal browser and wrong in the mobile browser – what do you think the problem is? 🙂

    yes it works in my Nokia 3310 on 1.5 Alpha (13th Jan) – but doesn’t seem to work with blogs in different directories…and I assume you do have to goto wp-mobile.php rather than goto your homepage and it does it automatically?

    But it’s great! 😀

    Two suggestions for improvements tho – put the Last 10 posts at the top then you can quickly jump to the post you want before loading all the other stuff such as comments and avoid extra GPRS charges? Especially if the first post is a long one…

    And can comments expanding be optional? Maybe a toggle at the top nav? Or a link under the post?

    Otherwise works great!

    You’re welcome to make changes like that – I made information design decisions based on how I like to use my mobile device. I have unlimited data and the bottleneck for me is the initial TCP/IP communication (hence, loading an entire post).

    Posting comments seems not to work with 1.2 as the plugin is executed before the wp-comments-post.php was executed. One might need to add “!strstr($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’], ‘wp-comments-post.php’)” in the plugin’s php. I contacted Alex and send him my code, I think he will add the enhancement asap. As he did with my advanced browser’s list 😉


    with 1.2, the plugin gave me an apache internal server error from mobile browsers until i replaced this code:
    global $siteurl;
    $URL = $siteurl.'/wp-mobile.php?';


    $URL = get_settings('siteurl').'/wp-mobile.php?';

    This change and more have already been checked in the the URL above. I just haven’t had a chance to package a release.

    I’ve just installed WP Mobile 1.7 on my blog ( and it works brilliantly to browse the site but commenting gives me a 404 error (possibly because I renamed wp-comments-post.php to foil spam robots) and I can’t get into the admin pages to post entries or moderate comments.

    Can anyone suggest how to tweak the otherwise excellent code. KayNine, above, mentions the comment problem – can someone post an example of the whole line of code so I get the syntax right? Would doing something similar looking for “wp-admin” solve the admin side of things too?

    Using 1.7 with a 1.5 version of WP, access via my Nokia 6230’s browser pulls up the entire main page…guess it’s not detected. So I just bookmarked WPurl/wp-mobile.php.

    Is there some kind of “made for wap” post/upload page? As far as uploading goes, it’d be great if like MT I could select to “insert this code into new entry” and be able to edit the entry from there. (default WP just provides the code to pull up your picture). I hate typing in those URLs with symbols ha.

    to the british guy above, i am also getting the comment 404 error on WP1.5 as well but the moobile edition does view great on my sidekick. good plugin alex!

    works on my sidekick2 nicely. i haven’t tried my Kay’s fix yet for comments error yet. i contributed and hopefully others using Alex King’s great plugin do as well. Its viewable. I will be adding a moblogging plugin as well.

    Thanks Alex!

    Hey Alex,
    I am wondering how difficult this would be to port to Drupal? Any ideas? I am pretty new to PHP….Cheers

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