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    Hello @eli3001
    We invite you to join to discuss with us directly. You’ll receive faster answers. Sorry we missed your question here.

    Concerning your question, when you mint a media, all metadata fields found in your media asset are added to a metadata field

      "name": "Asset name",
      "description": "Asset description",
      "cid": "IPFS asset cid",
      "image": "IPFS image link",
      "ipfs": "IPFS image link",
      "origin": "Origin IPFS image link",
      "minter": "Blockchain address minter",
      "metadata": {
        "_wp_attached_file": [
          "relative internal wordpress asset link"
        "_wp_attachment_metadata": [
          "internal wordpress asset metadata"
        "_kre_cid": [
          "custom plugin IPFS cid field"

    Generally, metatags are fields displayed in meta header on site pages. Not sure it applies to this plugin as Kredeum plugin allows you to mint your wordpress images in an easy way.

    Let us know if not enough clear!

    Plugin Author yoannr35


    Closing this issue, thanks

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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