WordPress Meta-titles & Descriptions not getting updated whatever I do! Help App (2 posts)

  1. thegenius
    Posted 2 years ago #

    When I update something inside the WP general settings ( Title & Description ) it doesn’t get updated in the SERPS ( The old title & description is being shown in the SERPS ).

    For some sites the Title & Description get’s updated almost immediately to within a day while for some sites whatever I do, it remains the same even after a week.

    I’m talking about sites that are ranked in the first page already.

    I’m using different themes for different sites & using Platinum SEO for all sites.
    So, practically there are 3 areas where I enter META TITLES & DESCRIPTION.

    WP- General settings
    Theme Settings
    Platinum SEO Settings

    Is there a conflict between the 3? Even if so, I have updated the Titles & Meta Descriptions in all the 3 Areas. Since Meta Titles & descriptions are Important for rankings, I’m not able to bring it up the serps without getting this updated in the SERPS.

    Does this also mean that G doesn’t Cache the site/page? If Caching/getting google to re-index the page again can make the change, then how do I do it?

    Has anyone experienced the same with WP meta titles & Descriptions not being changed in the SERPS?

  2. Please Add Screenshots
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I can take a long time for them to update... you should open up a webmaster account with google...


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