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  • Hi folks,

    We’re having a really weird issue. I’ve deployed a WordPress 5.2.1 instance with PHP 7.2.19, just a blank default install. However it keeps going down (500 error) and the log files are giving really weird info. It’s always a combination of the two below.

    According to the first, the memory limit was reached when something tried to allocate over 8000 Petabytes?! I’m really confused as to whats going wrong here, nothing is custom, it’s all completely stock. It’s been deployed via PLESK Onyx 17.8.11

    Anybody got a clue as to what’s going on?

    PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 8242261810043116696 bytes) in C:\inetpub\vhosts\\\wp-includes\option.php on line 1247

    PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 20480 bytes) in C:\inetpub\vhosts\\\wp-includes\pomo\plural-forms.php on line 213

    EDIT: Just to update, I’ve dropped PHP down to 7.1.30 to see if that has any effect. It’s currently responding but only time will tell as it did before.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • The memory allocation is set in your php.ini file . If this is a shared site you might need to talk to the hosting company and them to increase the size.

    You can write your hosting company and tell them to change memory size or you can find php.ini file in your cPanel and change it.
    Example ini_set('memory_limit', '1024M'); // or you could use 1G
    If you have other questions feel free to ask.

    @cerebrait I had the same prob and posted a solution yesterday (but the moderator took offence as i called him out with his un helpful response so he removed it) – try an alternative php install – it seems the upgrade by plesk of php to 7.2.19 has broken all of wordpress sites as each of them are reporting the same errors as you have – i’ve currently moved all my wordpress installs to 7.3.6 and they all appear to be working well. Any version other than 7.2.19 and these errors will disappear. Are you running plesk on windows per chance?

    Here are my php errors for one of my sites for ref:

    PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 2147483648 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 17592206114472 bytes) in D:\IIS_SITES\VHOSTS\\httpdocs\wp-includes\option.php on line 1247
    PHP Fatal error: Field width 17592206114432 is too long in D:\IIS_SITES\VHOSTS\\httpdocs\wp-includes\pomo\plural-forms.php on line 213

    This error only started happening when plesk updated their install on the 3rd June – update 55. It seems to only effect windows/iis machines running the new version as unix servers don’t seem to have the problem. Changing php config’s etc is a waste of time as clearly a task asking to use this obscene amount of ram is a bug in the code.

    Hey people, I wanted to add that I have been fighting this problem for the pass 4 days and now stumbled upon this article to so far resolve the issue. I dropped down the PHP version from 7.2.19 to 7.1.30. and so far all is well. I guess i’ll follow this post until 7.2.19 issue is identified and resolved.




    Hello All,

    Having the same problem. It was driving me crazy! Thanks for bringing this to the surface!

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