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  • im looking for a wordpress membership plugin that does the following

    1. sign up an account manually, or use social media such as facebook, twitter, google+ to sign up on the site
    2. has a referral system, once a user signs up he/she will have a unique referral link which he/she can use to promote and ask people to sign up
    3. has a reward system, user’s has the ability to earn points by, logging in everyday, reading articles,blogs,post,pages, clicking links, watching videos, commenting or what so ever
    4. ability to assign their levels
    5. ability to comment, like or what so ever (only users who signs up on the registration form/page of the plugin but not limited to social media sign up/integration, can do certain things)
    6 ability to assign what a particular member, can do depending on their level or subsciption
    7. ability to lock post or page,
    8. has avatar/gravatar , allows any image format, from .jpegs to .gifs, so that when they comment or something there would be a avatar/gravatar that will be shown
    9a. customizable registration form, log in page/box , and the message that will be sent in their email for them to confirm their registration
    9b. facebook app/twitter/google+ ready if possible, so that when user signs up using these social media all they have to do is to click on allow/accept or something
    10. ability to lock certain words, links, photos, video etc. in post or pages using short codes


    sample test goes here and when users/visitors are not log in they cannot see the link, photos, video etc. that’s within the short code
    links, photos, videos, etc goes here

    i hope to get an answer this time so far i posted 2 threads here but didnt get any reply

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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