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  • OK, I’ve spent the last couple of days trawling the web trying to get my head around what I should do…

    My current setup is:
    * Self hosted WordPress blog (
    * I’ve been manually editing my own podcast-only feed (at
    * iTunes has the above feed
    * I’ve recently setup two feedburner feeds one for the main blog site (which feedsmith successfully redirects to) and another which is taken from the podcast-only feed above.

    Now, I’m thinking of moving to podpress, podcasting, blubrry powerpress or other plugin so that I don’t have to manually edit my podcast-only rss feed everytime….
    BUT… they all create their own podcast category feed (something like and therefore don’t use my original manual one.

    Secondly, I’d like to get iTunes using my feedburner podcast-only feed so that I can’t check subscriber numbers etc, but I’m not sure how to go about this while also including one of the above podcasting plugins for WordPress. I’ve read about adding the “newfeed” entry into your old feed, but I’ve also seen that Feedburner recommend using a 302 temporary redirect. Not even sure how to do that.

    Everything I read seems to be for a slightly different situation to mine, or written with a larger knowledge assumed. Could anyone be so kind as to put it down step by step for me? Cheers!

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  • cbrpodcast


    Did anyone ever reply to your question? I have the same problem. I have a wordpress blog I am solely using for podcasting. I submitted that feed to iTunes Store but later realized I should have submitted the feedburner feed. I tried to remove my podcast and original feed from the iTunes Store by requesting iTunes Store support to remove it and they supposedly did. But when I submit the feedburner feed (which is using the original wordpress feed as its source) I get the message from iTunes store that, “this feed has already been submitted”. I am stuck. My only option at this point, unless Apple gets back to me, is to start over from scratch and make a new blog and new feedburner feed. I would rather not do that. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Have you guys gotten a response, yet?

    I did a live chat w/support and they basically told me to start from scratch — which means I lose all my existing subscribers.

    Then I came across this:

    …but since I’m using Podcasting by Spiral Web Consulting, there is no .xml feed to edit to add the “itunes:new-feed-url” entry.

    Any suggestions?

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