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  • Hi Everyone. My site uses WordPress, but doesn’t incorporate themes. I was just wondering whether this has been done before? Do check it out:The New Theatre. I’ve only been designing sites for six months or so. I’d appreciate some professional/experienced feedback!



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  • whooami



    ermm, its bright?

    So you’ve removed and or altered the callout that looks for the style.css to be in the normal theme directory. OK, and?

    I guess I don’t see that as being especially “special” 🙂

    some recommendations:

    You have valid css and valid xhtml buttons on your site’s pages, and mention it again, ironically, on a page thats not valid:

    these pages arent valid either:

    .. to name a few.

    The java marquee thing doesnt display in firefox

    Other than that, it’s bright.

    Purple and red aren’t complimentary colors, though I guess you know that. 😛

    Thanks Whoo for taking the time. is amazing! I take it you’re a professional? If not, I’m sure you should be. Those colours (orange – not red – and purple) are the New Theatre colours, so I’m stuck with them. I’m about to release an alternative stylesheet with different colours. (To see that piece of code in action, visit my other site,, and click ‘Pimp my Site.’)

    As for validity, it has always been valid, it’s just that I only put the random photos in the sidebar this afternoon and widened the site from 720px to 800px to cope. This process proved harder than I’d imagined, and mistakes were made.

    The marquee thing displays in Firefox’s latest version on both Mac OS X, and Windows XP. I can’t imagine why it didn’t work for you.

    One piece of constructive criticism for you: ‘Hows the weather’ should read ‘How’s the weather.’ I’m an English Student at university, and a stickler for good grammar!



    not a big fan of the colors!

    i think you’re never “stuck” with colors. there are usually good and bad ways to incorporate the ones that you need to incorporate. they certainly don’t have to be so prominent in the design.

    good luck!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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