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  • Okay,

    So I’ve got a serious problem.
    I run a WordPress configuration of ten different top domains multilingual sites on WPML. every site has exactly the same content thought in ten different languages.

    My problem is that some of my blogposts actually adds an -2 to the link as a redirect or something. (this is not shown in the HTML when i brows the page but when i click the link it automatically adds -2 at the end)

    Any one has an idéa about why? how do I fix it?

    Would love some help 🙂


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  • The ‘-2’ gets added to the URL for the page because there’s already something else in your system that has that same URL. So you would have two items, one that’s ‘page-url’ and a second one that’s ‘page-url-2’. If you can find the first one and change it to something different you’ll be able to change the second one what you want it to be.

    Well That i know,
    The problem is that it doesn’t change it in the URL’s on the page setting but just makes a “redirect” to -2 from the actual web page. So the html link says but when you click it redirects you to and now it’s started to add so it looks like

    Any idea why?


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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