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  • prosperewebitor


    I downloaded this plugin from Tribulant a few days ago and am having trouble getting it to work. When someone enters his/her name and e-mail address to subscribe to my mailing list, they aren’t able to send it. They get a sending message (the spinning object) but it doesn’t stop spinning. I have tried this on both Explorer 7 and Netscape. Same thing. What’s happening?

    My site is:


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  • danatstadiumvolleyball


    How did you manage to download anything from them? I am frustrated with the . Their site does not work! The wordpress installation they have does not send the email with password so I am not able to collect the pluggin I paid for. NO response from their contact page either.

    Buyer (wordpress community) be warned., Antonie, contrid,



    They are now aware that the site is having troubles. All should be ok.

    Hi there,

    Below are some useful links to resources and support related to the WordPress Mailing List plugin :

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    Antonie Potgieter

    I can only agree with danatstadiumvolleyball’s comment of ten months ago. I ordered the mailing list plugin from them this week. The payment went through, but there is no download, no email, no product.

    I contacted them through their site and via the Skype link on their site. Antonie Potgeiter (the guy who runs Tribulant) sent me an email telling me to reset my password, which I did and precisely nothing happened. Again more questions to them, but no response to my further pleas for help.

    As it stands, they have my money and I have precisely nothing in return. I hope it is a genuine mistake, these things happen sometimes. Certainly I will post back here if ultimately the matter is sorted out. However, as it is, I am so frustrated with Tribulant, that I am posting my experience of trying to deal with them up here.

    Okay. All sorted. I have my plugin and I am satisfied that there was some kind of glitch – it not having happened to anyone else that I can discover. I take it all back.



    i can not send emails through Tribulant
    i use google app said that it can not access gmail.after i report this problem,it doesnt show failed,instead of “send out”.but i can not get the newsletter,which should be sent to my another email



    Dont buy their software,pls

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