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    My site, used to look mostly like my old site (still up)

    When I checked my site, tonight, I noticed that the CSS had somehow been altered. Just compare the two sites, fonts are different (quoted fonts are black instead of white), the page background is white instead of grey striped… etc etc. This has happened a few other times and resulted in my re-uploading the CSS i used.

    This is, however, a huge pain as I have modified the one I use so much, albiet mostly just the sidebar which is’nt really that much at all I suppose…

    Anyways, any ideas on why this happens and how to fix it? Prevent it?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    All looks good here right now, the css address is correct.
    Does this happen at certain times ? certain browsers ?

    so you have a grey background on the far right and left beyond the “framed” text area? i don’t. i have tried IE and FF… I just tried AOL Explorer and I get white on the far left and right sides, plus quoted text is black. the background on my page should have diagonal lines visible through transparency… it is all so weird, and annoying.

    thanks for the reply, any others?

    Your site seems to work fine on this IE browser I’m on at work. Here are some things you may consider trying, though:

    – Clear your browser caches, history, and cookie information. The latter two are really not necessary, but you might as well try viewing the website from a clean slate.

    – Validate your markup and CSS if you haven’t already. While validation can be somewhat of an overkill pain at times, it does serve a purposes for other things. Make sure you’re using valid XHTML and solid, valid CSS that’s organized for later updates (it’ll save you heart attacks in the long run).

    – Limit the entries on your site some more. Here at work, I’m using a high speed connection, and it took a bit longer for the site to load. Your current site’s size would be internet hell for a dialup user. Most people only display 10 entries on their index page. Just an idea!

    – Sort of along with the point above, you may see a difference in your page viewing experience by lowering the number of entries shown. Depending on what you have defined in your CSS, certain styles may be running into each other. You may have height specifications that won’t work with an overloaded page. I sort of doubt that, considering the rest of us can view your page without trouble, but it’s something to think about.

    First and foremost, start with your cache. Since neither of us has seen a problem with your site, it sounds like the problem is starting first with your computer.

    Hope this helps and that you find a solution,
    Lelia Katherine Thomas

    Hmmm… I have done everything suggested, maybe I’m crazy. Here is what I get on my old site, what I SHOULD GET on the site

    here is what I see when i visit the problemed site (using the same CSS)

    thanks for all of your suggestions

    other things i noticed, font should never be capitalized and with the messed up on, capitalized.

    last time this happened I had to find the old CSS and do it over again. It is just a pain, somehow it gets damaged. I moved to dreamhost recently but the same problem occured once with PowWeb.

    Are you using Dreamweaver or any other sort of client to do the CSS markup? I’ve both seen and heard of it changing the CSS and the PHP – something to do with the cache, I think, and trying to “validate” the code by its own settings … if so, try just a plain notepad/text editor.

    I second drobbins’ idea. A good markup editor is HTML-Kit. I don’t use any of its tools, really, but it’s free, offers tabs, unlimited undo, and colors syntax. If you’re using Dreamweaver for the sense of control it gives you, it might be creating problems, as drobbins said. HTML-Kit or another simple (yet organized and usable) text editor may work better.

    It’s just always better to do it by hand. The programs aren’t that smart yet.

    If that’s what’s happening in your case, that is.

    Lelia Katherine Thomas

    no, just used notepad. but from teh time it was good and the time it was bad, occured within fourhours, I did not even have access to a computer to make any changes. I visited the site at school and when i got home and visited again, i saw that the layout had changed…

    ah, then it JUST dawned on me. I had added the gvisit code (javascript) to my page. that is what caused the problem.

    anyway i could have that script,

    <script language="JavaScript" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

    on my site without having this problem? It must load at the loading of the page to be effective.

    i put the code at the very bottom of the site and seems to be that it has not caused any problems so far, hopefully it still logs visits…

    so for peace of mind, did anyone ever see the messed up site as messed up like i showed in the pictures?


    That’s really odd. I just added that to my site last night, and I know of another’s site that it’s on–no problems whatsoever. Do you maybe have some other javascript codes in your page that could be interfering?

    But yeah, I would assume it logs visits so long as the code is in the body of the page. Maybe that was the issue…did you have it in your head tags before?

    Glad things appear to be working out for you now!

    Lelia Katherine Thomas

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