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  • I haven’t updated or posted to my WP blog in a few days but then just today when I logged into it and created a post, when I clicked “Publish” and went to review my post, all paragraph formatting was lost. Meaning when I wrote the post, I was using “Visual” tab to create the post. When I wanted to start a new paragraph, I would just press “Enter” and it would do a new double-spaced line for the next paragraph. But NOW when I create a new post with paragraph breaks, once I click “Publish” and go back to review the post, it’s just a wall of text; all paragraphs I put in got ran into the paragraph above and it just looks like one run-on page.

    Going back to put the paragraphs in by pressing “Enter” on the Visual tab doesnt work. When I click “Update” the paragraph breaks are still not there. I have to go into HTML tab and manually put the <p> tag in there.
    Why would WP all of a sudden start doing this? I have made no changes nor have I added any new plugins or updated any of those.

    I am using WordPress 3.0.1 with my own hosting.

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  • My only suggestion is that you view source and check that all the paragraph elements are there. Sometimes if you start text too near another element funny things happen. Oh, and fishing around in the dark, has javascript been turned off by mistake and does TinyMCE need updating?

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