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  • Hi,

    I think this issue comes from your web browser.
    Did you try another web browser ?

    Interesting – I opened it in Firefox and during the short time I tested it (5 minutes) it didn’t seem to be doing this as I switched tabs.

    I currently use Google Chrome as my default browser – any idea what settings may be causing this?


    It could be a Google Chrome extension.

    1. Copy/Paste chrome://extensions/ in the address bar of Google Chrome to view all Google Chrome extension installed in Chrome.
    2. Then disable all of them.
    3. Restart Google Chrome
    4. Open your usual URL in your tabs and see if the issue disapeared.

    If it’s still not working, try to uninstall Google Chrome and reinstall Google Chrome by clicking here.
    It could be a virus also.

    Thanks for the suggestion; however, I have another wordpress site ( that I work with on a daily basis and it never has this problem. So come to think of it – it can’t be a problem with the browser. Or if it is, it has to be some link between Google Chrome and my site specifically but not between chrome and….really strange.
    I will try the extension thing; but that isn’t ideal because the reason I’ve installed the extensions I have is because I need them.
    I will try installing chrome again if I need to.
    But any updated suggestions now that you know it’s only the one site that has the problem and not the other?

    any other suggestions? It is still having this problem and is becoming increasingly frustrating. I know it is not my browser because my other wordpress sites don’t do this…

    Do you have this problem in other browsers?

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    Just curious.. Are you using private browsing for Chrome? I had a similar issue a while back and it was due to private browsing being turned on.

    Yes – I have the problem with other browsers.

    I am not sure if I am browsing privately or not – I am using Chrome, but like I said, my other wordpress sites don’t do this, so it has to be something wrong with this site in particular, correct?

    But I’ll take any suggestions I can get!

    Have you tried deactivating ALL plugins and switching to the default theme to see if any are causing this problem?

    I have been told in another thread I should also mention my Jetpack Forms no longer work. They were working two days ago, and I even managed to update one form in the last hour, but as soon as I finished updating that one (having changed nothing else about my site) the forms stopped working. I can click “insert” and create the form, but when I click “Save and insert form into post” nothing happens. Literally. Until I either close the window or refresh the tab, losing my work.
    I have now lost 2 of the pre-existing forms on my site and can’t replace them.
    If I should post this in another thread, let me know. It’s just that in a previous thread I was told the two may be linked.

    WPyogi – that is really a last resort to me because I use all of my plugins. Also, if I switch to a default theme, my website will not be presentable if people go to view it.

    If I must do that I will – but even though it seems to be the “first course of action” in this forum, I always view it as one of the last because of the problems it can cause. (also some plugins will lose all their settings if you deactivate).

    I haven’t added any new plugins since this problem arose, though (including the new forms problem I just posted about)

    I realize it’s less than ideal, but things like this are really a process of elimination. Plugins should not lose their settings.

    This could also be a hosting or connectivity issue – have you explored that?

    I use bluehost – perhaps I should contact them?
    I am pretty sure it isn’t related to the forms issue because this logout thing has been going on for 2+months now whereas forms just stopped working today.

    What would a “Connectivity issue” mean?

    What would a “Connectivity issue” mean?

    Your internet connection – i.e. ISP, router, modem, etc. Have you tested this at all in different locations or from different computers?

    ok I thought maybe you meant that – no it is not connectivity because I just moved and it was doing the same thing at my old place and at my mom’s house. Also just got a new computer and it was doing this on the old computer as well.

    Is this an issue others are having or only me?

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