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  • Hey I was wondering where I could find the WordPress logo with that cartoon character and the mirrored letters?
    I saw it being used a few days ago at the main wordpress site.
    I wanted to use it to link back to the wordpress site from my weblog.
    A link would be appreciated!

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  • pssst…. here… I don’t know if you are allowed to use it. Don’t tell anyone I told you 😉

    That’s a design by NuclearMoose that he made for April Fool’s Day (1 April in the U.S.). You’d have to talk to him about it.

    Which is why I said the other day that Calvin could’ve been spared on Fool’s day 🙂 But he’s our friend, and no harm was intended.

    Not to be a downer, but there could be copyright issues with using Calvin in what I assume to be an ‘unauthorized’ way. 😉

    Ah so is that why they took it off the banner… 🙂
    So is someone else working on some other creative banners for WordPress?

    they took it off coz the april day lasted for 24 hours 🙂

    Copyright issues would come into play if WordPress tried to brand itself along with the Calvin character. Nobody here at WordPress, nor myself, claimed to have created the Calvin character.
    As was actually noted, there are thousands of Calvin images on vehicles where Calvin is urinating on an (insert corporate logo here) .
    I doubt if anyone has permission to use the Calvin image in this way, and, I might add, people get paid to create and install those graphics. So, before somebody has a damn cow about “copyright enfringement,” make sure that there actually is copyright infringement.
    All of the non-standard WordPress logos were done by me so far. I took the official WordPress logo, without anybody’s permission, and did what I pleased with it. I then submitted them all to WordPress devs for them to use or not use as they saw fit.
    So, if anybody wishes to bring legal action against me, please email me and I will send you all of my contact information to make it easy for your legal team to begin the process of suing me.
    Otherwise, just go about your business and don’t get your family jewels all twisted into a knot about something so damn trivial.

    Hey Moose,
    I am sorry if I ever made it look like you violated any norms. I just happen to be a big fan of those comics and its creator (who isn’t a fan of something-or-the-other?)
    Historically, the reason why Waterson stopped drawing the C&H comics was because of his opposition to the licensing and commoditization of the strip’s characters. He chose not to continue drawing the strip as opposed to making a mountain of money by helping sell Calvin underwear and T-shirts and theme parks. He did not approve using the characters outside of the strip, or his artwork, and his sacrifice to ensure this was substantial. I have learnt to respect artists’ rights over their creations and that’s the only reason I felt queasy when the image was used on All Fools’ Day(because I was aware of this history).
    This article and numerous others like it make Waterson’s stance clear. Unauthorized used of artistic creations is copyright infringement. It’s not a subjective thing. That being as it is, I think the use of Calvin in that image was okay, and no one benefitted financially from it anyways 🙂
    No one ever talked about legal action and other things like that. 🙂
    Chill! 🙂

    2fargon and everyone….
    My apologies for the outburst. I should not have spouted off like that. Today is just not my day! :/

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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