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    I have created a homepage by using HTML5 & CSS3. And have added a login Module like Gmail.. But How to link that module to WordPress DB so that users can login from my Home page itself?

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    If you don;t have a reason for doing all this outside of WP, there are php calls you can do in your sidebar, or static front page, to let people login inline.

    Are you trying to just let users login from the front page of your site, or are you trying to merge two separate apps?

    Ya I’m trying to let users login from the front-page(which is an external HTML file)…

    Andrea Rennick


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    Shes asking does it *need* to be an external HTML file? Isn’t the front page of the site the main site in the network? Cuz it usually is.

    No it’s not in the Network ..

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    Why not use WordPress for that? If you want people to sign up in WP, you can do that without going OUTSIDE your network.

    The reason is my home page isn’t under WP framework.

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    Why do you want users to login to WP on a NON WP page?

    What’s going to benefit them if they’re not using WP for that page?

    I’m trying to let them login through my Home page after that they will be redirected to their own dashboard! Otherwise I have to create something like “click here to login“, which is not that pro!

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    Yes but what good will that do them? If you’re not running WP code on your home page, why would they WANT to log in?

    Yes you can do this, but the reason I’m nitpicking the WHY of it is because you may be going around this the crazy long way, making waaay extra work for no benefit.

    How to integrate WP with your site:

    This should let you call WP specific calls from your external page. Personally I’d just make a static front page VIA WordPress, so they’re actually on WP.

    After hearing your words… I feel like converting my HTML site to WP Site. But does it look the same? If YES, How?
    I guess just splitting up the area(header.php, footer.php, etc) wouldn’t be enough…

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    It’s just a case of themeing.

    Step 1: Get a theme that looks how you want it to.

    Step 2: Make a static front page with the content you want.

    Step 3: … Blog it 🙂

    Thanks for the Codex, I made it finally… 🙂

    My request is almost similar to this…

    I am actually writing a piece of desktop software that is to call a script on my site and that script has to fetch some data from my database but only after validating that the current user is in deed a registered member of my site.

    As such, I need my app to call a PHP page that logs the user in by sending the username and password from my app and then NOT displaying a login form at all, just log gin the user in or not and either reporting an error if the login credentials failed or return the result from the further operations, should login succeed.

    Basically, I am storing lots of extra stuff in my database and I am linking it to a user via the id in users.db. I want to be able to retrieve that info from an external app that can call PHP files but that doesn’t have any way of displaying HTML content (read: login forms).

    Before you ask me also: “Why, if they are not going to be using WordPress?” the answer is simply that I DO in fact allow for all the content management etc to take place via my WP website also, but I want to be able to access the stored data without needing a browser.

    So, to recap: How can I log in to my wordpress site and get the current user info filled in without having to go through a form? how to make an eternal app try to log in automatically?


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