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  • I’m attempting to setup wordpress through Godaddy. After purchasing space, I then installed 2.7 through godaddy’s hosting site.(it says it’s installed) I designated a wordpress admin name and a password. On my hosting screen, it even tells me what the admin name and password is (the ones I had just set up).

    When I then go to my website it prompts me to input admin and password. It does not work. And Go Daddy tells me it’s on your end.

    Currently our site based on But we’re trying to change that to though godaddy. We can’t do anything until we get logged in right? I’m totally lost as to how to proceed.

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  • Not sure how it could be on “our” end, meaning WordPress I guess. The people providing support in these forums are generally volunteers who don’t work for WordPress, like me. If the software is up and running and you can get to the log in screen, but your username and password don’t work, I would have to say it’s on Godaddy’s side. Did you use a script on GoDaddy’s site to install the software?

    Try using the “Forgot Password” link and see if you can reset it. The link should appear on the login page. No really a whole lot anyone here can do since we don’t have access to your site/software/hosting account, nor should we.

    You could also try deleting the install and starting over – I am certain it’s something in the GoDaddy install scripts that caused the problem.

    Thanks for the response.

    Here’s a grab for my administrator page to help you understand what page I’m stuck on.

    As you can see, it says “wordpress admin” and “wordpress password”. That’s why I figured it was on your end, not to mention the godaddy people said it was a wordpress problem.

    as for the “forgot password” attempt. I get the following message when I throw in the login that i had.

    “The e-mail could not be sent.
    Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function…”

    Thanks for taking the time to read through my problems. I’m so confused and I don’t even know where to begin in terms of messing with my site. For one, the site it links to on wordpress with the “wp-admin” is going to my page we have set up currently. Is that a problem to? I thought the download would take me to a brand new setup.

    Ok, one suggestion, don’t use GoDaddy. Sorry, I didn’t want to go there but I have seen this kind of problem with them. It looks as if the server you are on has the mail() function disabled, which will cause you a lot of problems with WordPress.

    What you need to understand is that grab you sent is from GoDaddy’s system and is not under the control of WordPress. If that information does not work, then WordPress was not set up properly on the server by GoDaddy’s system. It’s really nothing wrong with WordPress. Have you tried removing the site and setting it up again? If the same problem occurs, then I would have to think it was something in the GoDaddy script.

    You will also want to ask GoDaddy about the

    “The e-mail could not be sent.
    Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function…”

    error you received. Though you can run WordPress without the mail() function, you won’t know what else is blocked. Godaddy is an OK server, but you may be better off with someone that gives you access to a real hosting control panel, like cPanel. I might suggest or

    With the information from your screenshot, we completed the password retrieval using the webmaster@ email address. You should see a confirmation link in your email. Please let us know if you still get this error.

    Don’t want to single out GoDaddy… the problem most likely isn’t specific to them as I’ve had it on several hosts.

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