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  • Did you try the “Forgot password” link?

    Yes, and it isn’t recognizing my user/pass or email address

    Either you’re going to have to check with GoDaddy to check if it’s the correct email address, or you can try some of these further options:

    of course godaddy says it isn’t there problem. I was trying to avoid the codex reset function but I guess we’re going to have to. thanks.

    There seems to be some major problem that godaddy is not acknowledging. My WP sites have been down since Tuesday and have not been functioning correctly since then although they said the problem would be fixed within 24 hours. My problems started exactly as above: unable to login.

    Godaddy claimed it may have to do with .htaccess files. Not the issue. Since my main site is Drupal and it is also experiencing problems, that suggests the problem is not limited to WordPress.

    Their updates notification says their was a problem on certain servers/hosting plans and that the problem was fixed on March 23 but obviously it’s affecting others. I hope that’s not your problem and that it’s simply a slight misstep along the installation.

    Me too and thanks! I think I might have to re-install to see if that will work. This GoDaddy hosting issue seems to be wide-spread from what I can tell affecting multiple sites, so I know I’m not alone.

    I’m having multiple issues with them: 403 errors, 500 internal server errors, if I do get logged in it ages ages. When I accessed one after several tries I made the mistake of attempting to update plugins and one failed while the site was locked for the update. Try to get an all clear from them re their servers so you don’t end up frustrated.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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