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    Hope someone can help me with the following.
    For a client I need to make a few changes on his WordPress site.
    The site so far has been done by someone else, so I wanted to install the site locallay (with MAMP) to test some stuff without messing up the live site.

    I have done this before without problems, but now when i got to local:8888/sitename it redirects to local/sitename where of course it cannot find the site.

    Any ideas as to why this happens and how to resolve this??


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  • okay, I thought it might be an .htaccess issue, so I turned my invisable files on visible, turns out the .htaccess file didn’t come along when I downloaded the files.
    So I downloaded the .htaccess, and without changing anything there, now going to local:8888/sitename in firefox results in going to the live site, and in Safari it looked to be going alright.

    So I thought: okay I’ll work in Safari… BUT…
    when I tried to log in local:8888/sitename/wp-admin), it went to the live site as well…

    hope anyone has a tip?


    Have you imported the database directly to your local machine from the production site? The URL’s will still be pointing to the live site and not localhost if that’s the case.



    okay, found it (somewhere on the forum, sorry lost the link)

    But in phpmyadmin in the table wp_options I had to change the URL in both siteurl and home.

    Looks like it works now….

    and thanks Dylan, just saw your post, and indeed that was the case… took me a while to find where to edit that, but found it

    Your welcome glad I could help!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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