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  • So, I have a client whom installed WordPress, but started having problems with it loading really slowly, or not at all. I did a new clean install for him, and it didn’t solve his problems.

    He’s on Windows XP using IE 7.
    I’ve tested it on Windows XP, Windows 7, and a Mac Ibook G4. I’ve tested it in everything from IE 6-9 and also FF 3 and 5, and no problems getting it to load on my end.

    He said this is the only site he’s having this problem with too.

    Right now it’s a completely clean install of WordPress, no themes, or plugins added:

    If anyone wouldn’t mind checking it out, and seeing how it loads for them, and leaving a note of what your OS and your browser are, or if you have any ideas why he might be having this problem I’d be grateful, because I’m stumped.

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  • Just seconds to render in my Chrome browser (laptop). No issues on this end.


    Thanks. Anyone have any ideas why just this site would load slow for just one computer (at least just one computer so far anyways)?

    Loads super quick on my system with both Firefox 5.0 and IE8 under Windows XP Home w/ SP3

    It’s his system that’s messed up.. try clearing Internet History and Cookies. Try putting a static HTML page in the blog’s directory and see how it loads that page. Might try having him do a tracert to the server to make sure he’s not getting a lot of packet loss or something.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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