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  • I’m not a designer so I picked out a free template to show the use of a plugin I’ve been developing. WordPress Listings Manager plugin will bridge WordPress and Open-Realty.

    The plugin supports several tags to include your Open-Realty installation within the WordPress theme. For example the tag {listings} is used on the Home page to embed the Open-Realty in the theme much like Open-Realty use of the {content} tag.

    Take a look at the Webblog page you will see another tag {flistings_#_#} in use. In my example I used {flisting_1_1} to tell the plugin to use my featured_1.html template file and to pull the results for listing #1 from the Open-Realty database.

    What do you think?

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  • your footer contains the word ‘footer’ and nothing else

    nice look tho

    Thanks but it is really meant to be more of a demo of the plugin than the design. The design is not mine but a free one I used.

    Its amazing how similar our plugins are. Seriously, the only difference I could see was the URLs you have for the search page.

    Good job Al!


    Jared where is your plugin?

    Al, are you planning to make your plugin available for download? I’ve got a site that I’d like to test this with.

    Thanks for your work in getting this together!

    eric I did not get notified of this post. I stopped working on this wheen Jared was releasing his version. I may pick up development once again as I hear there are problems with his version that should be addresses but I’ve not heard.

    I am also awaiting your plugin or Jared’s and have been checking periodically to see if either has become available. Please do pick up development. I’m sure there are a lot more people out there waiting. Thanks in advance.

    so where do i go to download this plugin for my site ?

    I’m wainting this plugin too…
    I’m going crazy in trying to customize OR’s template!

    when the plugin available for download?

    Very interested in testing this for you Al .. like others have said, there seems to be a problem with Jareds ‘wp-realty’ and despite leaving messages across a number of forums, even his own, there has been no response.

    I’ve very familiar with WordPress and OR modifications, so like I said, i’d be happy to give this plugin a good testing.

    Kind regards,


    I have been working on something similar to Al’s and Jared’s plugin but can’t really call it plugin because it runs independently of wordpress and openrealty yet bridges them. With minor modifications it should work with any CMS. The down side is that it needs a a few lines of custom code for each site. The bridge tool was part of a larger project to run multiple openrealty sites with one openrealty installation and db. We are final stages of cleaning the code and should have it ready within a 2-3 weeks. I am not sure how the bridge will be released but we will be looking for a few testers, if there is anyone who an interest in testing send me an email, include the url of the site you want to test it on.


    Sounds very interesting. Could surely use such a plugin or bridge for open-realty and wordpress or something similar.

    Just wondering if there is still interest in this topic. I have looked at Jared’s code and our concept is similar but it seems to have problems because he is working each open-realty component into wordpress making it necessary to create multiple components rather than allowing open-realty to work dynamically within wordpress as one total component.

    I didn’t receive any emails so I changed direction and are now working with premium themes and templates for open-realty.


    Also, how is this data accessed by pings….does WP’s ping system ping the page tag or the data that the page tag inserts?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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