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  • Hey folks,

    I’ve installed wordpress no problem, and even updated the IIS (set to index.php) which has solved most of my problems. However, even after editing the iis and making index.php the primary, I still have problems with my posts and pages I create in wordpress. In wordpress, I’ll make a page and like normal, it will give me the permalink the way I set it up, so for example , however when I go to click on “view page” within wordpress, it says the page is not found.

    The problem is corrected when I type in index.php. So, for example, I need to type in index.php manually to get at which point it works perfectly, but obviously it’s quite a pain to do this 😛

    Anyone have any ideas? It only seems to be on my posts and pages created in wordpress, because if I were to click home, it will know, so the issue is only when clicking posts or pages I’ve created. Again, I’ve edited the iis making index.php the primary, but that didn’t solve my problem for pages and posts?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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