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  • AngelEyes


    I’m working on a wordpress theme that manages a bunch of videos. I’m using the jwPlayer plugin.

    I’ve never hosted or uploaded video through wordpress.

    Are there are complications I could potentially run into when uploading large files, (HD and SD) versions of videos…. serving them through wordpress…

    Anything important I should be aware of?

    I know there would probably be some PHP.ini configuration for allowing large files.

    Maybe this should be in WP-advanced?

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  • If you need to upload large files into WordPress a good practice would be to use an FTP client like Filezilla .
    Keep in mind though that media files (like video) could impact the performance of your server , especially if you are on a shared hosting environment . Of course all depends on the traffic of your site (how often these files are requested). A good cheap solution would be to upload your videos on Youtube or vimeo and embed these video’s into your WordPress-articles . A more professional method is to use an external CDN network , usually these networks charge you by GB-size download . CDN-tools could help you to implement the second option .
    This is just my one-cent opinion .

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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