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  • We are web developing company and we would like to use WordPress as a CMS for our clients. We have made some small changes in the core and in the plugins (with same license as WordPress) and developed some our new plugins. The question is – can we sell this sollution, or it will be necessary to publish the changes we have made etc.? Please do not write me any simple “yes” or “no”, i would welcome some citation from license which support such answer.

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  • Here’s a good quote:

    Essentially, the GPL says that by receiving a GPL software package, you agree that you have full rights to the software and that you can redistribute the code as an enhanced or modified package so long as all the source code is released, modifications are noted and attributed and the copyright and attribution for the original code is left in place.

    A common misunderstanding of GPL is that people can’t get paid for it. This is actually incorrect. The physical act of transferring data is a chargeable action. So, in essence, a software manufacturer can bundle GPL software and charge a “sales fee” that covers the transmission and transfer of the source code. Because GPL requires that the source be distributed with the software ….

    In short the answer is yes if you do it correctly, but no you cannot keep the source code private.

    Matt, himself has “spoken” on this in this podcast interview:

    [audio src="" /]

    (About 11 minutes in)

    And If I sell it just as a sollution (without selling a software at all, so the clients are just able to edit data, but they are not allowed to access FTP) – do i have to publish my modifications?

    And if i will put my modifications to my own plugin, which will alter the wordpress core – do i have to publish that plugin (even if it is 100% mine with noones other code)?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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