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  • I have used the same template for the past 1 year with no problems whatsoever. All of sudden this evening, 2/3 of my website now appears at the bottom of the page. I thought for sure it was a cache issue at first. Cleared WordPress and Firefox cache, but no luck. I then checked it out in IE 7/8 and Chrome 4 and the site appears fine to my relief. But, I still I cannot get Firefox 3.6 to display my site correctly.

    The only thing I changed this evening was 1 widget which I moved up 1 slot in the middle column. I thought this might be the problem… no luck.. I even removed the 2 widgets I switched with no luck.

    Can someone please take a look and see what they think? I am stumped. My website is And the error only appears in Firefox.


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  • I am using Firefox 3.6 and it looks OK to me – 3 coll – 15 articles on the left wider coll – center coll top justified, goes down about 8 Articles – Right coll, top justified goes almost to the bottom of the page –

    It also looks okay to me. FF3.6

    I cannot thank the community enough for checking this out. I actually lost sleep last night worrying that my site is jacked! It appears that this layout problem is specific to my browser only (weird!), and somehow, I still see the layout problems this morning despite everyone else reporting the website is OK.

    Saildude, you described my site exactly so it must be displaying properly. Even though I have cleared all WordPress and Firefox caches, I suspect that this remains a weird caching error.

    I will report back what I find out in hopes that it helps someone else who runs into this problem.


    Also, if anyone else who visits my site finds that it does not display properly as described above in my initial complaint, please let me know. The site should display as a 3 column website.

    This might be a Super-Cache related issue. I have gone through files stored in cache on the server and found stored cached pages with the exact issue that I have reported above. Apparently, however, I am the only one who can see the jacked formatting, which suggests it is related to an admin logged user. I plan to re-post in the Plugin forum.

    I’ll post back here with what I find out in case anyone else runs into this…


    I finally figured this out. It had nothing to do with WordPress or Super-Cache. To my surprise, when I went to the WordPress plug forum, I saw the exact same issue on the WordPress site as mine! At that point, I knew it had to be Firefox. I uninstalled Strata 4.0, which I also now seem to recall updated recently. I also installed some unused plugin/extensions. This immediately fixed this issue.

    I am not sure what it was, but the prime suspect is the Strata 4.0 theme or possibly Veetle.

    Thanks for everyone’s help and my apologies that this turned out to be a false alarm.


    I am having this same issue and I don’t know where to start. My blog does not show up when using firefox, but it shows on IE. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    lswheatly – Please use a different theme then the one you have chosen. That particular theme is riddled with bad links at the bottom of the site which will cause Google and other search engines to de-index your site.

    The official theme repository is a great place to find themes that don’t contain nasty links.

    Moderator kmessinger


    First, post a new entry next time. Adding to a post 11 months old is a sure way to not get an answer.

    Your site has too many errors to try to ascertain the problem with FF.
    See this

    Without validation there is no way it will correctly display in all browsers on a continual basis.

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