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  • I’m running two separate WP sites, one for English and other French. Both themes are Twenty Ten 1.1, What I have been ask is to have the front end on the french side changed to french. So the titles for the widgets to be all translated. example: Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Archives. Yet we want to keep the dashboard in English for our staff.

    From test I did not to long ago, if I change the language package in wp to french it also changes the dashboard/back-end admin panel. How can I have the best of both worlds? I’m hoping not to have to use a plug-in. I have been looking into qtranslate but that is really for a user wanting to run multi languages on one wp setup.

    I really would love to some help surely we have a solution for this?

    Or would I have to go into the theme on the french wp and change all the titles manually to be in accordance to the french wording we would require?

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  • Hello,

    Yes, I’d like to do the same thing: frontend in one language, backend in a different one. I haven’t found the answer yet.




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    Try looking for a translation-ready theme and then create the appropriate translation file for the theme only.

    In my case, wp 3.0.1, translation-ready theme and qtranslate 2.5.9. My website displays in French and English (two languages) but I want the dashboard to be only in English. In qtranslate I order languages:
    1st French
    2nd English

    Then, everything will be in French either frontend or dashboard. I don’t think I’ve seen an option to set only frontend in French.

    The theme has two translation files one for each language.




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    What language have you defined in wp-config.php (define ('WPLANG', '');)?

    If you set that to English, the primary language for the site will be English. You then need a French language pack for your theme to have a French front-end and English backend.

    qtranslate works for what you and I needed. You can specify the front it to be a default language in the qtranslate pannel, and I was able to have the front end french and the dashboard english. BUT i wasn’t able to get that plug in to work 100% correctly. It would mess up my dates example ” Posted on %A %B %e%q, %Y by admin” What the heck is going on with that? I even contact the author and really didn’t get anything solid back. So I had to give it up and build two separate sites and then go into the widget panel and change the titles to french manually. I wasn’t able to change the little things like ” Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment ” Those i would need to hack the theme and didn’t since I wasn’t sure what was a title and what was available being passed and feared breaking the site given the deadline.

    qtranslate in my mind is an ok product but still buggy.



    Edit qtranslate_utils.php, line 143 from this:
    $date_parameters[] = ‘#%#’; $strftime_parameters[] = ‘%%’;
    to this:
    $date_parameters[] = ‘#%#’; $strftime_parameters[] = ‘%’;

    It seems the extra percentage sign makes it so the percentage sign in the format gets interpreted as literal percentage signs and therefore they don’t get parsed by strftime().

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