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  • Just thought I’d post it here in case there are any knitters lingering…
    Not interested in any critiques, but if you see something in your browser that looks out of place I’d appreciate a heads up!
    Link might be nice, eh? 😉

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  • Nice to see that people actually putting some effort in making logo for their blog, even for knitting blog. Makes it so much more personal then simple text.
    Respect 🙂

    I was worried at first when you said – “even for a knitting blog”. Actually, most of the bloggers I know take the time to customize their sites. I’ve been blogging since 1998 or 1999 – feels like longer? I’m in the process of getting my photography back online (Gallery with pMachine integration, but only because I discovered pMachine before I knew about WordPress).
    Your site looks pretty nice, btw – I’m still learning what WP can do, so it’s nice to look at what other people have done. You certainly know your stuff!

    Thank you for the comments, greatly apreciatted 😀
    And yeh, I was kinda afraid that “even for a knitting blog” will be misunderstood… I actually tried to knit myself, but that was for over 10 if not more years ago. Seen how my mother did it, why not give it a try 🙂 Good luck with your blog, Gaile!

    Lovely site, like MaxT says they header graphic is great…there was some bizarre article on BBC News 24 a few weeks back that was trying to claim that Knitting was the new gardening (in the same way that brown is the new black)

    …but I thought orange was the new black! 🙂

    Well, shut my mouth. So surprised to find another knitter here! I dig your logo. I’ve recently migrated from Typepad to WordPress: and am still working on it (like I’ll ever not be working on it 🙂

    Hi there
    Knitters are everywhere…LOL
    Sorry to say, I’m transferring my site to a different blogging tool – I just don’t have the time or temperment these days to play with getting things working the way I want them. But I can see that WordPress has huge potential – maybe one day I’ll try it again.

    Just curious…What blogging tool are you going to use?

    “even for a knitting blog”? ( too funny!
    I have a knitting blog. I have no graphics in the header– that makes me an exception. Most knitters care a lot about fashion statements and appearance. 🙂

    LOVELY site, Lucia! I’ve recently got back into knitting after – oh, maybe 35 years away…. I enjoyed the “demon Gail” post….

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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