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  • I’ve been having a serious issue with WordPress for weeks. I can never stay logged in. No matter what browser I use, I can never stay logged into wordpress’ admin panel. I’ll spend 10 – 15 minutes writing a post and hit “publish” or “save” and then bam, it takes me back to the login page and I lose everything and have to start over if wordpress hasn’t automatically created a draft. This happens randomly but it occurs multiple times during a span of one day. I find myself retyping my password at least a couple of times per hour. It’s pretty annoying.

    I’ve cleared my cache, cookies, everything. Didn’t work.

    I uninstalled firefox, rebooted my comp and reinstalled firefox. Didn’t work.

    I even created a new profile and basically started my firefox from scratch. Didn’t work.

    So I used Safari to see if it was a firefox issue. Didn’t work.

    What the heck is going on and can anyone help?


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  • Bump… can anyone help me out with this?

    Are you using any plugins that redirect the user to the login page? I was using the “Registered Users Only” plugin on one site and it was causing the same problem. After I removed the plugin, the problem went away.

    No I’m not using any type of user plugins. In fact, user registration is completely locked on my blog. The only people who have registered accounts are me and my writers.

    But thanks anyway!

    FYI, you can have user registration blocked and still want to use a plugin that redirects users. I was using it for a private organization that has about 50 users but wants to keep the public from seeing the site, so a login is required before anybody can see anything. Anybody who is not logged in gets redirected to the login screen.

    Has this always been happening or did it start happening after making a code mod or installing a plugin?

    No code mods, no new plugins. Just happened out of nowhere lol.

    I have the same problem.

    I am always logged in to my blog on two computers, one using Firefox and the other using Opera.

    First, Firefox kept logging me out, so I cleaned the Firefox cache and cookies and everything. It seemed to have solve the problem.

    But now, Opera is constantly logging me out. I login, view the dashboard, and try to go to another page, and I’m suddenly logged out again.

    Very frustrating. Please help.

    you should backup and then reinstall wordpress

    I did reinstall wordpress and it’s still there, I have one wordpress instalation with that problem and a second one without problems.
    It logs me out every some minutes, even when I’m working, sometimes I’m writing a post and when I click publish it ask me to login and what I wrote is lost. It normally saves but not if it logs me out soon. A little warining appears in the bottom of the write area that tells me I’m logged out and can’t save the draft, most of the times I don’t notice it.

    I recently upgraded to 2.8.4 and since then I have noticed that it’s been asking me to log in (logging me out) often. I have it set to remember the password so I’m not sure why this is happening. It’s happening to all my writers.

    Same problem. Bump.

    I still can’t find what is the cause of the problem, but it’s still happening.
    I have 2.8.6 installed but I think it’s happening since 2.8.4

    2.8.6 with same problem, keep getting logged out, sometimes every 2min sometimes longer between times. have tried to disable plugins and reinstalled.



    Currently my blog updated up to latest 2.9 version.
    There is the same issue:

    • When I’m loggin in on the main page, I’m redirecting to ‘/wp-login.php’. I’m entering valid aministrator username & password. The system permit me to log into. But if I’m simultaneously opening the main page I see myself logged out. When I’m going again to ‘/wp-login.php’, the system remember my username but not a password, then I need to pass an authentication procedure from beginning.
    • Browser cookies are on. All historical data was cleared many times recently.
    • Issue is browser independent, experienced in Firefox 3.5.6, IE8, Maxthon 2.5.10, Google Chrome 3.0


    I am also having this problem with WordPress 2.9.

    I have this problem too, at least since 2.7.
    First I tought it was the Search Unleashed plugin, but after removing it the problem persists.

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