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    Hi everybody,

    Since from 3.7.1, and now 3.8 I have this weird problem

    When I enter the Dashboard, I see on the left “updates:1“, and I also see the “1” on the top bar.

    On the top there is also the written “WordPress 3.8 is available. Please update now“.

    When I click on “updates”, I have the normal message:” You have the latest version of WordPress. Future security updates will be applied automatically.”

    Everything looks fine, and as soon as I click again on anywhere on the Dashboard, the “updates:1” goes away.

    The problem?

    After a while, maybe a few minutes or more, the “updates:1” comes back, so the written above.

    I’ve tried already reinstalling wordpress few times but I still have this situation. It started with 3.7.1, and now keeps going like this with 3.8. Same stuff.

    Any idea about how to fix it?

    Thank you

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  • Should your site be running a version of WordPress other than en_US? You may have updated to 3.8 en_US but now you need to grab the updated language files etc.

    I run a few sites where I use en_GB and the same thing happens to me.

    Thank you for the answer.

    I don’t remember anymore because I didn’t do the first installation months ago. Probably, it’s been installed in Italian but I’ve always updated the previous versions from the dashboard and this never happened.

    I use the “wordpress language” plugin to have the dashboard in English and the public site in Italian.

    How can I check all of this? Is it not enough to update it from the dashboard, before it wasn’t doing like this :S

    What do you have defined in wp-config.php, specifically this line:

    define ('WPLANG', 'en_GB'); <— that’s mine

    I’ve just checked, I have this:
    define(‘WPLANG’, ‘it_IT’);

    Then take a look here.


    Yes, I’m reading I have to change the files .mo and .po. I didn’t know I had to change them all the time.

    I will do that hoping the problem will be fixed. Thank you.

    Just a question more if I may, should I change only the it_IT.po and .mo or all the languages files admin etc.? There are 8 inside the languages folder.

    Short answer, I don’t know. I’d back up and install to see what happens 🙂

    lol. Ok thanks, I was trying to save time, I will read carefully what to do.


    I’ve updated the files few hours ago and the message is disappeared. It seems fixed.

    Thank you.

    Nope, I thought it was resolved but it’s not.

    The situation has improved because now, the “update 1” doesn’t appear all the time but after a few hours it comes back.

    Any idea?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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