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  • After all the crap code that has been written over the years reinventing the wheel, finally someone knew what they were doing and created WordPress. I have been doing professional development for 8 years, received a Computer Science B.S. and Computer Engineering B.S., and I even wrote shareware for about 7 years total off and on before college. I can tell you that one of the main problems with programmers is they only think of things from their point of view. Everyone on so many projects I knew of were rewriting the wheel, writing list processing code, GUI’s, rendering code, string handling code, anything you think people were wasting time writing over and over. Now with WordPress, I don’t have to spend a damn second of time implementing a forum, or a blog, or a poll, or a quote of the day, because it is already there. A friend of mine who runs an online business that generates a lot of cash each month from his monthly subscriber base implemented his own message board system which I thought was ridiculous. You know how much time this took? Give me that time and I will have a product out the door and cash coming in, instead of screwing around trying to line up everything pixel by pixel.

    Some technologies have become smarter over the years, standards are good. The web is converging pretty nicely.

    Anyhow, WordPress is incredible due to the ease of use, documentation, support, and most of all THE PLUG INs. The business I started in January is based off of dynamic content and the selling of information and digital products, keeping my customers up to date with what is happening and what works in my industry. I could not have found a better product to help me do all I wanted and even more with WordPress. Hell, I will even be able to integrate my store with my blog log in with my forum login, this is just insane to ask for that from anything else.

    Thanks WordPress.


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