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  • My website, takes a long time to parse on the server, I have just recently moved from a media temple server to dreamhost and am still having problems.

    I’ve just recently cut my posts down to just 3, removed click tracking and flickrss. Please help me speed my blog up, I want it to load in the sub seconds.

    I thought it was an issue with me being in the UK and my servers in the US, I’m on an 8MB connection and have tried it from various places. I don’t think the problem is me!

    Right click, view page source and see the time taken to parse at the bottom of the HTML. Thanks!

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  • whooami




    <!-- 16 queries. 1.6250 seconds. -->

    youre worried about this?

    This is what I got:

    <!– 16 queries. 2.9540 seconds. –>

    Yes I am worried about this!

    My server seems to deliver the page slowly as well, it would be handy to know what country you are viewing from and also how quick you thought the page responded in the first place, is it instant/medium/slow to respond.

    Also, to note that 1 query in MySQL running on my local machine performs in 0.0006 seconds, it’s worrying that 16 queries takes even 1.6 seconds at least!

    Ha, ha. It took about 20 seconds for WordPress to load this thread. If it takes your site 3 seconds to generate a page, you’re doing good.

    Use the wp-cache plugin:

    My ex always said I was fast. 😉

    <!-- 16 queries. 1.3370 seconds. -->

    16 queries sounds about right for the front page I would think, right? I wonder if the box the site sits on is overloaded. Can you check to see what the load is? Most backends like Direct Admin and CPanel have a display option for Server Status or something simular.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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