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  • I installed WordPress successfully. It is now in a folder on my host server. I can’t see it on my website. I tried changing the settings to see what I could do to give it a nudge, but now it won’t let me log on.

    I tried doing a one click installation from my host server but got a message that one click cannot install since the files are in a folder on my host server.

    WordPress is a waste of time. From all the discussions, it seems WordPress is frustrating to install and get running. Why do people create programmes that require IT professionals to work it? I think the best thing is for me to delete the programme.

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  • Why don’t you take 10 minutes to read the documentation and install it yourself?

    Seriously – spend 1-2 hours learning how to FTP and create a database. Posting an indignant message in the forums might make you feel better, but it makes you look kind of silly.

    Use the brains God gave you and THINK. It won’t install because the files are in a folder on your server. Hmmmmm….such a dilemma. I mean, it’s not like you could delete the folder. It just couldn’t be that simple, mmmm?

    I have never had any issues installing wordpress, I don’t see how it could be much easier to install.

    Why do people create programmes that require IT professionals to work it?

    Maybe a visual will take the mystery out of it a little. Take a look at the video here:

    How to Install WordPress through Cpanel

    Take 5 minutes to read the documentation about install!

    I don’t know how easy it was to install wordpress since it came pre-installed with my host, but I have found everything else very useful. And that plug-in to automatically update wordpress was awesome!

    To be fair, it is quite a technical thing to get your head around if you’ve never done it before. I contacted my hosting company and they were very helpful about what to do.

    Once it’s installed I’ve found it to be incredibly user friendly.

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    Whooami, you should plug your site! If I recall, you have a very well-made FTP tutorial video – am I remembering correctly?

    your post’s subject is NOT accurate.


    I can recall the first time I had to use a MySQL database and things like usernames and config files and I found it hard. However, since then I’ve installed WordPress many times easily. If you’re not a techie person (and there’s no reason you should be to use it), you could host your blog at and install it in seconds with no knowledge.

    Otherwise, if you’ve FTP’d the site and done evrything successfully, it could be a simple ‘permissions issue’ with some of the files? That means they’re not set to be publicly visible.

    I’m sure it’s something very simple and you’ll soon be running.


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    WordPress is very user friendly, for a given value of “user”.

    If you can’t figure out how to install WordPress and make it work on your website, then IMO you really should not be running your own website.

    Instead, you should consider using a managed site service to run your site. This takes all the hard work out of it and let you just write articles instead. Consider using, or even Blogger.

    I can’t write a simple <href or <img line of html but I’ve installed wordpress and WPMU countless times in addition to sharing a blog with a friend in Kuala Lumpur who can hardly speak English.

    You won’t find easier to install and operate with a better support community anywhere.

    Try a hosting package recommended by that installs WP for you.

    If ‘figaros’ mighty helpful and brilliantly simply explained tut was on the front page of wordpress, I would have only needed to type the wordpress address and then follow the five minute video.

    I tried for hours and searched for ways and how to’s and found all the techy installation stuff difficult. l agree with this post that it’s hard at the risk of appearing dumb.

    I’ve only returned a second time to try install after trying in 2 years ago and giving up. l someone that need to be shown because MySql and all these things we’re unknown to me. Now need to find out how to make the site how i want it to look with a theme.

    Any links similar would be great.

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    MySql and all these things we’re unknown to me

    Then you should learn about them first. Or not host your own website.

    Databases and HTML and FTP and these sorts of things are basic and fundamental to the operation of any website. If you don’t understand them, then you need to learn them before trying to create your own website.

    Or use a managed service, like, where you don’t need to know the details of any of that.



    I proved this wrong! All i needed was the ‘site software’ button in cPanel and it installed it.



    I have to agree with Otto42 — there are plenty of places like blogger, xanga, myspace, to have a site without knowing anything.

    I mean, you can create a website from programs like Word, too… but that doesn’t mean you know html or any of the associated technologies.

    php, xhtml, css, javascript, jquery, etc… all are skill sets that require time spent learning the technology. But with respect to installing WordPress, it really couldn’t be easier, from third party installs (nearly all hosts have them) to simply uploading the files and using the install file… of course, you need to put those files on a server that meets the requirements for the software.

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