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    I’m looking to increase my understanding of wordpress in relation to privacy and it’s data classification and use cases. To check wordpress is classified as software and doesn’t store any data captured via our website which is built on wordpress, any data captured is held within the systems or plugins we connect to our site such as our CRM tool, jetpack etc. That it is the individual plugins I need to find how they deal with data captured from our website when looking at privacy.

    That WordPress is not a data controller or data processor?

    Any guidance on this would be much appreciated.



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    WordPress has introduced tools to assist with GDPR compliance in 4.9.6 but it is up to you as the site owner to take the steps required to be compliant with the GDPR and any local variations that may be introduced.

    For more details, see

    In general, we are not lawyers here, so we are not equipped to answer specific questions about GDPR requirements.

    Hallo Morven,

    We are currently working on a Disclosures Tab to make it easier for website owners / administrators to understand what information their site collects from their users and how; where it is stored and if and how it is communicated externally.

    This is still a work-in-progress and it won’t be available in 5.4.
    Changes like these can only happen in what are called major releases, so if we can’t make it for 5.4, this means our next opportunity is 5.5, which is what we are hoping for.

    In the meantime, you are welcome to join the WordPress Slack channels and to come and chat to us in the #core-privacy channel.
    You can also check out some of the early work we are doing on a Privacy plugin (Disclosures Tab), which is where proposed changes to WordPress core needs to start.
    Link here:

    Thanks James and Carike this was really helpful.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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