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  • After a year developing on WordPress I can now see each version is bringing this blog system to its knees.

    I have a site with a brand new installation which I can only save edited posts on 3 times before it will hang, then crash.

    Firefox does that and people are noticing. On multiple WordPress sites even basic ones people are now asking why sites are now running so slowly.

    Google Chrome does not allow resizing of images in the WYSIWYG editor but it did before 3.0 I think or was it as far back as 2.8 maybe.

    The HTTP error on uploading images when using Flash happens on any hosting, on my computer and on fresh installations. I need to disable the flash uploader.

    Last issue is overuse of Ajax. Developers who think it’s cool need to get a grip. This is becoming a world of Javascript conflicts because there are too many chefs in the kitchen.

    It’s not just me either any of the mentioned issues are listed in forums and blogs everywhere.

    The main issue is loading times, they are poor and sometimes WordPress just hangs. It’s like after a few major actions in the admin or interacting with an interface to do with a plugin, the blog can’t cope.

    I’ll be working on many solutions but I’d like someone to strip some things out of WordPress for a lighter version including the Flash uploader and Ajax.

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